Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm blogging but I'm really tired. It happens every weekend. J gets up with the LB on Sat. mornings and I get to sleep in and then we swap. and every weekend W sleeps in on Saturdays and gets up way to early on Sundays. You'd think I would learn. I was up at 1am last night to go to the bathroom for the 80th time and never got back to sleep, until about 4am. W woke up at 5:30. I tried to reason with him to no avail. So we got up, made it down the stairs in the dark (it's really dark now at that time) and ate breakfast in the dark. J got up around 8:45 and I went back to sleep until 11am. Crazy, I know. But I'm just so tired. Not all the time. I have my moments. But when those moments come, they are big ones. Anyway, they went swimming-the last day the pool was open-I woke up at 11 and met them for lunch but by that time the LB was exhausted and cranky. I just knew he would nap forever. J was doing handyman stuff outside and W woke up after 45 min. raging hot. So I held him and rocked him for another hour (As sad as I was for him that he didn't feel well, I loved holding him, my little baby) and then he was fine. It was strange. I am praying that he will be better tomorrow. He has been fighting this cold for atleast a week now. He got better, then he got worse.

So bless the LB with a good night's sleep and a fun day tomorrow.

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