Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wish I would have invented Jibbitz

I watched a DVR of Oprah on Thursday evening and oh my gosh. It was a show on Big Ideas and it blew my mind away. This lady and her kids came up with the idea of Jibbitz, which are little doodads that you decorate your Crocs with. Amazing. Eventually the Croc company bought them out for $20 million.

I know I'm destined for something big. I feel it. It's going to happen after I have this baby and I have time to do something big, but it's coming. I promise. If it's anything as big as this Jibbitz idea-we've got it made. Now, the couple that started the Jibbitz, like I said, sold out to Crocs but they are still running the company. When something "big" comes my way and if I decide to sell out, I'm not hanging around to run the thing. I'm running with my money like there's no tomorrow.

If you need a little inspiration in your life, read their story.

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