Sunday, September 09, 2007

What's going on.

I've started painting again and it's been so much fun. I always have visions in my mind of things I want to paint, lately for the new baby's room and W's but I put if off because I think about the hassle involved-buying more acrylics, canvases, getting the water and brushes ready and the mess of it all-but it's like anything else I do. Once I jump into it and get rolling I have the best time. I had to take a lot of studio classes in college for my major and really do miss it. I will say that it is kind of difficult to paint anything larger than a small canvas if you don't have an easel and your belly is a month away from popping out a person.

The Hobby Shop on Magazine is having a sale on a certain brand of canvases (only smallish ones so I didn't get a deal on my 30x40). I wanted to paint a big ole giraffe for the nursery so I painted a 'dry run' which I will hang in W's room before I move on to the super big one. Today is the day. I've painted the background and am waiting for it to dry. I'm still not sure how I'm going to keep W away from it until I can paint my giraffe.

The LB and J are off swimming. I think this may be one of the last weekends before the pool closes. I feel bad for not taking him more often myself, but I haven't been brave enough to stuff myself into a bathing suit and it's too hot to sit out there without getting in. I want him to be ready for pool time next summer because I WILL be skinny and hot and ready to spend long days at the pool. So I'm encouraging father and son to take lessons this fall at Love Swimming.

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