Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's going on

1. W didn't cry when J dropped him off at school. He said he certainly wasn't happy but he wasn't crying. Now that's progress. I can't explain the euphoria I felt. Every day that he goes to school I usually call J and ask the same question. Did he cry? and of course I always expect the same answer. Yes. So today when I asked the question and got a different response I was ecstatic!!!! Yay!!!! I want to call everyone I know and tell them.

2. My cousin, Will, is deploying to Iraq as an officer in the Airbourne Division of the Army in a few days. I know he is serving his country and I have a great admiration and respect for him but it still makes me sad. Please say a prayer for him.

3. Another storm in the Gulf?!? I don't watch enough news but I happened to see a glimpse of Margaret Orr talking about it in an for the news. I was fast forwarding while watching a show so I stopped. That's all I know. I checked out the weather online and couldn't find out much more. Please, I'm asking any storm that is tempted to come this way to find another route until I have this baby. or find another route until next season so I can have this baby AND stay at home when it's a newborn just so I can know what that is like.

4. I had coffee with a dear friend. The last time I had coffee with her was when she had a newborn baby. The baby is a year old. It's crazy and I realized how much I missed her.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ann for the prayer request for Will. Hope you are hanging in there! Can't wait for the arrival of the new baby though I suppose you are even more so! --e