Tuesday, June 26, 2007

100 days

okay, really it's more like 105 (I first counted while I was waiting for my grilled cheese and french fries to go and came out with 100 days. I think I was more focused on the food at the time) days until I have this baby. 105 more days until a lot of things. 105 until I can

  • really whoop' it up and have all the wine I want
  • sleep on my stomach
  • eat super soft, stinky cheeses
  • eat deli meat with no nagging worries in the back of my mind
  • take a hot, hot, hot bath
  • hold W comfortably on my lap again
  • go for a run around the park (I'm actually looking forward to this, strange) and do heavy squats at the gym
  • travel without the fear of blowing up
  • have all the wine I want
  • go through one day without having to take a nap
  • have a big ole fat full caffeine iced coffee without the guilt
  • sleep well without wearing Nasal Air Strips
  • kiss my new little baby
and the list goes on....

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www.nolanotes.com said...

Hang in there! Once it comes, it will seem like it all went too fast.