Sunday, June 03, 2007

I know everyone is dying to know when the new season of The Hills is airing this summer so I've been doing some research. I still haven't found out an exact date but I have learned a few new things besides that Heidi and Spencer are engaged.
  • Heidi had new boobs put in.
  • Spencer succeeded in breaking up LC's and Heidi's freindship.
  • The Hills was consistently the most watched program from 12-24 year olds (I am not sure if this is just on MTV or what) I'm 36 and love it, so this statistic kind of makes me feel like a loser but not a big enough one to stop watching it.
  • Heidi's mom says that Heidi is recording an album and has a "pretty little voice" and that Spencer is not the d--- that he is portrayed to be.
I found all this here.

By the way, I cannot find anything about Season 3 on MTV. I hope that it's not just a rumor that Season 3 is on it's way.

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