Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nothing wrong with a helping hand

I'd never eaten Hamburger Helper until I married John. I had no idea what I had been missing! Seriously! My mom was a sort of health freak growing up. Really a cafeteria health freak. She read every label to us, didn't really want to buy bread, never ever served us boxed mac and cheese (the first time I had that I borrowed a box from the lady across the street my senior year so I could taste it) and was also one of those moms that made a hamburger for you on sliced wheat bread (when we had it) when we asked for MacDonald's. BUT she ate sweets like they were going out of style and is known for her love of cheescake.

So my first experience with HH was served to me by my husband at our dining room table. I was hooked. I actually cooked it myself for the first time a few months ago. I was shocked at the pitiful size of the serving but luckily J shared his secret and that secret is what I am going to share with you. You must supplement. Meaning, add a little extra noodles to the pot. Find the kind that most closely resemble the ones in the flavor you are using and you are good to go.

I cooked it again tonight, remembering the secret. But as J stood over my shoulder and laughed at my lack of confidence while cooking the HH, I realized that cooking a meal from scratch is easier for me than following the instructions on the box. I can't explain it. But J is a whiz at it and I may just leave the HH cooking to him. and I don't mind in the least. I'd eat it every night.


Anonymous said...

Hamburger Helper is my signature dish.

E said...

especially delicious when pregnant! can you believe my boys don't like it? I guess its good in that it isn't so healthy, but bad b/c like J i am better at reading the box than from scratch like you! -e