Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The cast of The Hills

My cousin, E, just shared this very exciting news with me. The cast of "The Hills" will be on the Tyra Banks show on Friday. Tyra totally bugs. Her network was the only channel we could get while evacuated in Baton Rouge after Katrina. I got to the point where I would rather not watch anything than watch her but Friday will be an exception. If you too are a fan of "The Hills" check it out. I think that it comes on WUPL my54 at 2pm. It lists 9am also but I think that's a rerun. Her website was confusing so I'm not 100% that the channel or time is correct.


Anonymous said...

Which cast members? Will Heidi and Spencer be there also? They're on the outs with the rest of them but then again they have Heidi's singing career to promote. Never seen her daytime show, but Tyra's America's Next Top Model is unwatchable. Tremendous self-importance for someone who puts on clothes and walks around in them for a living.

NolaMom said...

The schedule doesn't say which cast members. Knowing Tyra it's probably the brunette with the long hair(a minor character, obviously). What is her name? But I have to admit as much as I hate Tyra I do dig America's Next Top Model. Now, it's not imperative that I watch but I do enjoy it.