Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

I hate to keep complaining about the heat but it's really putting a crimp into our summer days. It seems like we have to go to the park earlier and earlier to get any playground time. This morning we went to Daneel Park because it's one of the shadier playgrounds but after about 35 minutes the Little Buddy took off for the car. This is the 2nd time this week he's done it. I didn't realize until we got to Whole Foods that his hair was sopping wet from the sweat. No wonder he ate the pineapple they had out. He was so hot and thirsty/hungry that he would have eaten anything. Well, atleast he knows he likes pineapple now. He basically ate his lunch at Whole Foods. I bought a thing of pineapple and watermelon, of which he ate half and then he shoveled down a cheese stick.

There was this kid at the park with whom W was very excited to play and he seemed kind of hesitant to get on the bus and drive it with him. (there are 2 steering wheels, so plenty of room for 2). I encouraged him to climb on up and play, which he finally did. Well, it pissed the kid off, he started whining and whining to his grandma who got all flustered and pulled him away. I felt sort of bad for the LB but he got over it after 2 seconds, luckily. Then his real friend arrived and he was all giddy but by then he was hot and that's when we left. Bad timing.

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