Friday, June 22, 2007

Many pictures to take

I've made some progress this past week, for me anyway. I bought my first piece of furniture. Everything I have believe it or not is hand me downs from my parents. I'm not complaining or saying it's horrible because it's not. I'm very lucky to have anything at all but the sideboard that I bought was my very own purchase. and I love it! and it looks great in the kitchen.

and to make me feel like I am really on a roll of accomplishment...the slipcover lady came over today to take the measurements for one chair. Wahoooo! I love the fabric. The den will be in colors that I thought I would never use but the pecky cyprus wood walls threw a kink in my all light neutral taste. So basically, I'm living on the edge. Going a little bit kooky. I can't wait until it all comes together. Once the fabric comes in for my couch it will take 2 weeks to have it upholstered. I'll definitely have to take a picture of W, J and me all stuffed into our oversized chair watching Top Chef or Sunset Tan (it's really pathetic but I love it) for 2 weeks.

The living room furniture won't be in until after my baby is born and even then it's only a couch and 2 chairs. No coffee table, lamps (which could be a problem since there aren't any overhead lights in that room), knickknacks, nothing. oh and a rug. It's slow moving but one day in 15 years, when my kids will be ready to put me in a nursing home, the house will be decorated. I'll definitely take a picture and hang it on my wall in the home.

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