Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Little Buddy is getting funnier by the day and he believes it's so too. He laughs a lot, at me, at J, at himself, at other kids at the playground. Everything is just sooo funny. and I am laughing just as hard. His latest trick is sticking his fingers in his ears. I guess he thinks the difference between hearing with his fingers in his ears and when they are not is fascinating so I play along.
"Can you hear me?!", I ask.
"Yeah", he replies.
It is so funny. and he has a new laugh, the "I can't wait, I'm giddy" laugh. He laughs like this when he knows he's about to get a cookie or when he knows we're on our way to the park. Just so you get an idea it sounds a bit like Woody Wood Pecker. I love it.
The list is endless and I could go on forever but I excercised this morning so I have to get in bed. It's sad how tired I am now at night when I excercise, pitiful really, but I promised myself I would keep at it until atleast my 7 month or until my sciatic nerve is irritated. Whichever comes first. I am very proud of my weight progression. It's not as good as it was with William but it's right on par with where I should be so I don't feel as guilty about stuffing my face or about the extra pad on my derrier. It's just part of it and I will lose it, right?

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