Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old McDonald

I hate to admit it but the Little Buddy got his first taste of McDonald's today. He woke up from his nap around 3:45 terribly cranky. He would not stop crying. So I told him we were going to Mimo and Papa's and he perked up immediately. I was dying for a carbonated beverage so we went to McDonald's drive through to get a Sprite and spontaneously I got him a small fry. His appetite isn't back from his bout with the stomach flu and I thought maybe he would enjoy a serving of hot, salty fries. Wouldn't eat them. On the way back from Mimo and Papa's house I reached a fry back to him and he took it, then ate it. He was hooked. He couldn't shove them in fast enough. Truly, I've never seen him so in love with a food. He wouldn't get out of the car all because I put the fries away so that I could get us out of the car and into the house. It was crazy. So I've got my son hooked on lard fried french fries. I feel horribly guilty about it. He stuffed the rest down in his highchair while I cooked dinner. None of the usual fussing to get down and I swear he had the tiniest of smiles on his face the whole time he was eating. Luckily we don't eat fast food enough that he will know to ask for it so tomorrow it's back to cheese sticks and grapes.

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