Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Baby in the Belly
I got an email from babycenter telling me that we should let the Little Buddy know that a new baby is on the way. This would prepare him for the shock that is to come in his life. So I told him. Yesterday. I was sitting on the couch (nothing new) and he was playing, climbing up and down on me and I patted my belly and told him there was a baby in there. He looked at me like I was crazy. I'm not really sure if he's prepared. I know that me knowing hasn't prepared me in the least. I think we are all in for quite a shock and not all the warning in the world can prepare us for what awaits us in October.

May I ask who's calling?
On our way home from Uncle RaRa's house yesterday W was babbling up a storm. I was kind of in a zone because I was so tired but finally I tuned into all of his talking and wondered what he was doing. I looked in the back and he had his phone up to his ear. Whoever he was talking to was getting an earful. I think I talk on the phone too much. He's got the imitation down pat.

Whoopin' it up
We went to a party last night. It flew by. I wasn't ready to leave but I knew the babysitter was waiting and that I'd had my share of nonalcoholic Beck's so we left while the party was in full force. Everyone was whoopin' it up big time and I knew that while my night was ending their's was just beginning and boy, was I jealous. and still am. I really think that's the hardest part of being pregnant. I miss the late nights of whooping it up and I miss my wine. So to everyone out there who's not pregnant, I ask you a favor, please when you whoop it up during the next 5 months, whoop it up BIG in honor of me.

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