Thursday, August 23, 2007

Catastrophe avoided

I am still sweating. I haven't really been home much today and when we finally got back from the store and went in the den to hang out, play and catch glimpses of Sesame Street I came upon the this small devastation.

Cable was out. I couldn't get Sesame Street or the Food Channel or Oprah, which means I would't be able to get Big Brother. I started to sweat. I called Cox and tried to refresh and then waited to talk to a person. She wasn't any help. Said that I had to have a technician come out and they didn't have an opening until Monday!I scheduled the appointment and then unplugged the box which made it worse. I had channel 7 before and now I had nothing. I called J again in a panic. Like he has nothing better to do than to worry about the tv. The lady told me she understood my pain because "everyone wants to watch the game" The game!? What game? I told her I was worried about my reality tv. I refreshed again and called Cox again and got a guy. A young guy who seemed to be a bit more empathetic and lo and behold while I was explaining my dependence on nighttime television (I don't watch it much during the day) it came back on. Hallelujah!!!!!

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