Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I saw my doctor today and I told him about my back pain.
"I know", he said. "Well, I don't actually know, but I know. You're in your third trimester." He told me that I would forget it all like I did last time.

I will never forget. I haven't forgotten the misery of last time either. I've had several first timers tell me as they were going through their third trimester that people have told them to just be happy that the baby is still inside them because once it's out that's when the misery starts, the sleepless nights etc. I disagree. I truly don't think that you can ever feel more miserable than you do in your last trimester. Once W was here I may have been tired, and emotional and having night sweats. I may have had to evacuate and learned to nurse all on my own. I may have been fat and yes, still tired. But my love for W kept me going. I can't explain it but I stand by my opinion. Nothing says misery like sciatica, back pain, baby kicking your bladder in 95 degree heat while carrying your toddler.


www.nolanotes.com said...

Having a 8 week old and having had her 5 weeks early, I could not agree with you more! Being pregnant was no fun. You don't get sleep anyway! And I worried a lot--more than I do with an actual live, healthy baby. And I have not forgotten (and am not likely to forget) the back pain, the acid reflux, the swelling. I had a male doctor, too--I know they know what they are doing but they just don't get it!!! Keep hanging in. The one thing I can say is that now that my pregnancy is over, it feels like it flew by. So there's that :)

NolaMom said...

I know I'll get through it but it is not flying by for me. I feel like the clock is tick.................tick.................tick ing every so slowly. and when I look back on my pregnancy with W I remember it being soooooo long.

E said...

I remember with boy # 3 telling my dr. i was in a lot of pain. when i was in labor he realized the baby was kicking my liver and he said, "oh you really were hurting, I thought you were just the n ormal miserable" I could have killed him! hang in there!