Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We all woke up this morning at the same time, 6:15. It was unusual. J has been waking up with W since I've been pregnant and tired allowing me to sleep in another heavenly 45 minutes or so and it makes all the difference. Now that I'm nearing the finish line I'm not sleeping so well anyway so I figured I may as well get up and go. I've been feeling guilty about not excercising so I told the LB we could go for a stroll. With his typical, "ado ado ado" when he gets excited about something he quickly let me put on his shoes and took off for the stroller. I can't remember the last time we went for a real walk. It was a guilty reminder of how much he loved going for walks. He talked and pointed and laughted and took in the sights. Yelled above the drill of the streetcar line workers and urged me in his own way to detour at the playground.

We didn't take the detour. I had to go home. It wasn't the heat really, it was the back cramps. and turns out I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions and never knew it. But atleast I know now why my stomach feels rock hard and heavy every so often accompanied by excruciating back pain. My doctor wouldn't tell me what I wanted to hear. To stop excercising. He did tell me that I was fine with my weight gain so I headed off to Haydel's to get the Petit Fours I told you about. OMG! If you want to experience a good ole fashioned bakery smell, the kind like when Mackenzies was around or if you're pregnant and want to experience your ultimate dream, go to Haydel's. I bought 10 Petit Fours and 5 Turtles (real ones, the sandy cookies with pecans and a blob of chocolate on top). and I'm definitely going back for more.

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