Saturday, August 04, 2007

Night out at Clancy's with L and B

Just got back from Clancy's. I had a craving after a friend said how delicious her meal was last week. Mine was just as good. I mean, I couldn't eat half of what I wanted. For some reason I've been more of a stickler about what I'm eating this time around. Where last time I would eat brie, no hesitation, this time I won't etc. So I couldn't have my oysters with brie. I couldn't have the veal with crabmeat and bearnaise because of the raw egg or the Filet with Stilton or the fried green tomatoes with Hollandaise so I ended up getting what I didn't 100% want. It was perfect.

I opted for the Clancy's crabmeat salad. It was bigger than I remember and the crabmeat was the biggest lump I have ever seen. The tomatoes were perfectly red and firm. The dressing (I don't remember what it was) was light and tangy). The stuffed egg as always was to die for with the right amount of bacon and pepper. The hearts of palm slices were huge. I couldn't have asked for a better salad. I had to leave some of it because I was so full.

For my entree I had the Veal Annunciation. I was underexcited about it since I don't really like panneed veal but for some reason the Fettucine Alfredo that came with it caught my attention. When was the last time you've eaten that? I think from Stouffers when my parents would go out and needed something easy for us. The veal was crispy, not chewy at all. Seasoned just right and the fettucine!!!! This isn't your dad's or Stouffers for that matter Alfredo. It too was light, erring more on the cheesy side than creamy side with garlic and diced red peppers. My mouth is watering all over again thinking about it AND I'm still full. Now, that's saying something.

Of course Clancy's was Clancy's sans the smoke. A beautiful thing. It's the first time I've been back since the no smoking ban has been in effect and it was really nice. Every single time I went to Clancy's, I would arrive and ask to sit downstairs. And every single time the host would say, "Fine, if you want to sit in the smoking section" as a way to discourage you from sitting in the highest demanded spot. The new speil (sp?) is "Fine, if you want to sit in the noisy section". Bring it on!

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