Monday, August 13, 2007

We went to Galatoire's yesterday afternoon for my mom's birthday. I won't tell you how uncomfortable I was. I know it's getting old for everyone including me. But I will tell you that it was there that I decided that Galatoire's will be the site of the first big whoopin' it up time for me once I have this baby. I can't remember how you really Whoop it up while nursing. Maybe you don't but a girl can dream, can't she.

We walked in and it was cold. Freezing cold. It felt so good and while everyone else was wrapped in sweaters I basked in the icy coldness of it all. A few hours of relief where I didn't have to keep getting up to adjust the thermostat.

R and J had secured the table and were drinking wine. Ohhhhhh-I know this is getting old too but-to drink a bottle of cold white wine. I slurped a big ole gulp from RaRa's glass and savored it. and then I sat and watched as they drank bottle after bottle of the most delicious wine. He's a sommelier and a wine importer so we really indulge when he's ordering and all I could do was watch in slo mo as each bottle was emptied.

They ordered all the usual-the Grand Goutee with oyster en brochette, shrimp remoulade, another shrimp something, crabmeat maison. Fried eggplant, souffle potatoes (which have disappointed the past few times). I ate some fried eggplant and a taste of crabmeat. ordered a green salad with hearts of palm and a baked potatoe. I knew I couldn't eat much more. I feel like I'm going to pop all the time. Did you know that G's doesn't serve baked potatoes? Nope. So I ended up with crabmeat Clemenceau instead mainly for the potatoes. For those of you who don't know Clemenceau is a saute of peas, potatoes, mushrooms with lemon and butter, traditionally Chicken Clemenceau but I always do the Seafood Clemenceau when at Galatoire's. It was good. I had a few bites but Uncle RaRa ate most of it.

Everyone else went to The Bourbon House for a Frozen bourbon milk punch afterwards and I went home with J (who had already had his fair share of drinks).

So now I know, my first big night out will be at Galatoire's. Really it's going to start in the late afternoon with liesurely cocktails and I can't wait!

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