Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wierd Wednesday

Today I woke up and I knew it was going to be different. Mom was already in the shower when Dad came to get me out of my bed. He brought me in to say hi and then we went downstairs to eat breakfast. So there we were all eating breakfast together. Wierd. I barely had any time to play upstairs and when Mom came to change-it was awfully early to be getting dressed-I noticed that my outfit wasn't as wrinkly as usual. She must have ironed it-even more strange.

We all left the house together and they took a picture of me in front of our gate. Again, odd for so early in the morning. Dad got in one car. Mom and me in the other and Mom was trying to be all perky and happy although I knew it was an act. She kept talking about something called "school" as if I knew what she was talking about. But that all changed when we walked into that place. I've been there before. Before I could say "jackrabbit" (not that I really talk but) they were out the door while I played with the water table that the new lady showed me. I had a pretty good time. I played some basketball out on the playground and got to color with these pens they had when I was at READ class. They made Mom neurotic because they were messy but she wasn't around to stop me this time so I went to town and showed her for leaving me like that. Every so often I would wonder if she was coming back and got sad. They tried to make me eat fruit and crackers. I wasn't having any of it. Mom obviously forgot to send a snack. Then before I knew it I was being whisked outside with my new bookbag, and a picture of me. Not really sure what that morning was all about but I sure was happy when I saw my mom. I was so relieved she had come back for me that I got a little bit weepy. But I think I was probably happier to see the goldfish she brought for me than anything else. All I can say is, "Done that". I know Mom won't do it again because I heard her talking on the phone, saying how she sobbed all the way home and felt like throwing up. That's good for her. Teach her a lesson.

I am so tired. I really wanted to take a nap but who's to say that she wasn't just going to up and leave again. No way, Jose. No sleeping around here. I'll just stay awake as long as I can. Watch me.

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