Monday, August 20, 2007

The Hills August 20, 2007

O.M.G.! Heidi! Your fiance is a total loser who highlights his hair, buys your engagement ring from an accessory shop, and has your apartment painted with a "beautiful" mural of graffiti. (The centipede video game, on the other hand is awesome! What I wouldn't kill for a Miss Pacman at my house.) Good for Heidi for painting over it and giving him a "surprise". Spencer was pissed and mark my words, one day he is going to SNAP. He seems awfully unstable to me. It's ashame too, because I do like Heidi. She's got balls.

As for LC. Last week I was worried that she was just an insecure girl who doesn't like it when her friends have boyfriends when she's single but after meeting Justin-Bobby for drinks, I get it. He's a total loser too. Too cool for school. Take a bath, dude.

I think instead of worrying about her friends' boyfriends, LC just needs to get new friends who aren't attracted to freaks. She needs to stick with Whitney. Audrina is way too alternative for her, anyway.

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