Monday, August 20, 2007

Game Night

Jennifer and Frank had us over for Game Night complete with deliciously cheesy food like pigs in a blanket, potato chips, pizza, hashbrown casserole and "dice" petit fours (I can't remember the last time I had a petit four but these were the most scrumptiously moist that I have ever had. They came from Haydel's). The Game was Trivial Pursuit 1980's Edition. When I learned it was Trivial Pursuit, before I knew it was the 1980's edition I definitely knew J would be my partner. No ifs ands or buts. Not only is he smart but he knows a lot of "stuff". Then...I was told it was 1980's edition. Uh Oh. J is a bit older than me. I started to get a little panicky. I like to win. Then....Liz told me that Bob was her partner and I wasn't as worried. I'll tell you why. Not only because Bob is a bit older than Liz but when we went to pick our pieces for the board, I jumped at the Trapper Keeper. How long has it been since you thought about a Trapper Keeper? Brought back memories. and then Bob says, "What's a Trapper Keeper?"

Well, I was proud of my man. We were first to go and ran away with it. We were on the verge of winning. and then we had to leave because the babysitter's time was expiring. Liz and Bob took advantage of that unsettling time in the game and pulled ahead. They probably cheated. I mean, Charlotte was talking Jennifer through answers and they weren't even on the same team. But all that matters is that we know we would have won, fair and square.

But Game Night was a blast and we're hosting after the baby's born and I can fully whoop it up. We're thinking Beer Pong or Quarters.

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Beer pong is my forte.