Monday, August 13, 2007

Time to take a breath

Whew. W's birthday party is over. It really stressed me out and although I'm sad my little baby is older I'm glad that the celebration day has come and gone. It was a casual party but no matter what, whenever I have that many people over to my house I get overwhelmed and anxious. The LB had a fabulous time and he LOVES all of his presents. He was definitely over the old ones. and I have to brag about my party favors-the alligator cookies-because a lot of love went into them and I am proud. I also just discovered the lamination machine at Kinko's. J told me I was a total geek since I've been laminating everything in sight including the tags for the party favors. I swear a little lamination makes everything look that much more professional. I need to tweakthe cookie recipe. It was from Martha Stewart but the icing seemed to overpower the cookie. Once I get that down I think I may just become the new Cookie Lady around town. The old one is booked until October. Ridiculous.

Our babysitter told me yesterday that she didn't know that W had finally started talking. I told her I didn't know that either. She said that he said "Thank you" to her twice, very clearly and that he repeats everything she says. News to me. I am so relieved. I was ready to go into his next check up and get hysterical over his lack of talking. But she was right. He told me thank you this morning. They were the sweetest words I've heard in awhile.

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