Monday, October 27, 2008

We've been super busy the past week and you all know that I am not a multi tasker so blogging has gone by the wayside.

W started soccer last week. He seemed to enjoy it even if he doesn't totally get it. It was pure chaos in my opinion and I think the whole thing is a racket. We are basically paying to use the ball while WE run around and try to get him to do what the coach says. As long as he has fun is all that matters. Right?

On Friday we went to Boo at the Zoo. We have bought tickets every year since W was 1 and have never gone. I told J to buy the tickets. He said yes on one condition...that we actually went. Of course Friday rolled around and Uncle RaRa and Aunt JoJo wanted to go to our usual Friday night dinner. It was so pretty, I could think of nothing better than sitting outside with them drinking wine while W ran around but I couldn't bail on the Zoo. J wouldn't let me. Turns out we had a good time. W got the trick or treat thing down pat,

we went through the haunted house and on the Carousel and J and I drank a warm beer while the boys laughed through the whole night. AND THEN once the boys were sleeping we got to order take out Superior Grill including a big fat margarita and reminisce about all the things the boys enjoyed about the night.

That brings us to Monday morning. Pman had to have a test at Children's. It doesn't seem so bad now that it's over and hopefully his results turn out ok. So that's what we've been preoccupied with this past week and is my excuse for abandoning my fans.

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