Friday, October 03, 2008

A day late...

Happy Birthday, JoJo!
I meant to write a tribute to JoJo on her birthday yesterday. and it was a big one I can't believe it. JoJo is my sister-in-law. She is the big 3-0 now and I still can't believe that she is so young.

Aaahhhh, to be young again.

If you knew her you would think that she was older than her 30 years, not because she looks old, because she doesn't, but because she is mature and level headed and has a work ethic that rivals J's (that's huge). She's got a good head on her shoulder, is calm and collected and doesn't get all wound up about stupid things (like I do) She runs a successful business-Drama Kids International-if you are at all interested in signing your kids up for the program. That's the other thing, she's great with kids, yeah and they are not even hers. That's a huge asset. She takes these kids and develops them into great, confident actors.

I think the best part about her is that she is handy. Oh, that goes a long way in our family because we don't have many "handymen". and every family needs one of those. JoJo is ours.

Anyway, she's great. and we love her because she's a jolly good fellow.

Hope you had a great day and have a great whoopin' it up night tonight!

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Sara said...

Just found your blog looking for other NOLA blogs. Looks great. Nice to see other NOLA moms blogging.