Thursday, October 30, 2008

We had the Annual Halloween decorating party at school today. As a room mom, I did nothing. It seems the title of Room Mom doesn't have as much power as it did in the day. The school planned the party and I just had to bring fruit. Someone told me Rouse's had fruit bowls already made. Sounded like a good idea to me. Well, $24.99 later, I had myself a fruit bowl. No matter, at least I wasn't peeling pineapple, de-veining citrus and picking apart grapes. Other moms outdid me what with the pumpkin and ghost shaped sammies and orange cupcakes-you know who you are-but you just wait until Thanksgiving.

W had a fun time. I melt every time I go to school and he doesn't know I'm coming. He was in fun-damentals class and he came around the bend and saw me-his eyebrows popped up and his sweet smile spread on his face. But my good boy didn't let go of the rope until they were led over to where they were going. He kept looking back to make sure I was there but he did what he was told.

So he had his 2nd round of trick or treating. He is enjoying this newly learned skill although this time around he just got crappy trinkets, no candy. Oh-he did get a candy bracelet but that didn't thrill him. Wait until Friday, my friend. You are in for the mother lode. We then decorated pumpkins and ate a cupcake and some goldfish of course. He played a bit and then we left and THAT is the Halloween story.

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