Monday, October 27, 2008

It was too good to be true.

Pman eating anything and everything. EGGS! He hates eggs now. A week ago he couldn't shovel them in fast enough. On his first birthday I gave him cake and eggs and I wasn't sure what he liked best. He loved them and anything else you put on his plate. If your finger had gotten in the way he would have eaten that too. Until now.

My friend, S said, that God wouldn't do that to someone twice. Give them 2 picky eaters. No way! Try the eggs again. Blap. On the floor.

and now that he talks, his favorite word is cracker. Cracka!

I thought W would pick up good habits from Pman. But just the opposite is happening. Anytime Pman sees W eating one of his 4 staple foods he throws a fit.

Last night at dinner he must have swatted, and I mean swatted, 4 different foods off the fork that J was using to feed him. All the while yelling, "CRACKA!". It's killing me. Me, lover of food, foodie, bottomless pit, piggie has given birth to two boys who only eat CRACKAS!.

They have bonded over this. They fight over toys and sit on each other but they share Crackas like two little angels. What is a mom to do? Anyone?

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-e said...

I hate to tell you, but I have THREE picky eaters! Four if you count their daddy!