Tuesday, October 07, 2008

J and W have downstairs playing and I just have to say that W can kick a ball. Man! I am impressed. He always seems like such a baby to me. Especially when he's around other kids, whether they are younger are older. He looks young and innocent, like my baby and he acts young and innocent. But tonight for some reason when they were kicking the ball around he grew up for a few minutes. It was weird. He was standing taller and he was kicking that ball with all of his might. He was yelling "Pow!" and saying how he was "going to kick it tru the air!". and he did. No grounders here. All of the balls he kicked were hard and fast and caught air. He's going to be the man. J doesn't like soccer. For some reason he's more of a football player. He always ribs his brother about his nephew playing soccer-who btw is a REALLY good soccer player. But I think he may have a change of heart once his baby grows up and kicks everyone's ass on the soccer field.

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