Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rouse's King Cake

I am not a sweets person. I would rather eat a pizza or a good ole block of stinky cheese over dessert any day. I haven't had any king cake all season until today. I went to Rouse's, the first of many stops on my Mardi Gras stock up, and I bought one of their king cakes. By the time I got it home my mouth was watering. I popped it open before unloading the rest of my weekend loot and OMG! it was warm. Had they just taken it from the oven? and what followed was a large piece of the most decadent king cake I have ever tasted. Now, I know there are some purists out there-those who love love love the old McKenzie king cakes with just sugar, no icing. and I like remember it fondly but only for ole times sake. This king cake had layer upon layer of gooey cinnamon dough and topped with an icing like no other. It wasn't like all the other icing king cakes. I am not sure why but it was heavenly. So, if you haven't had a Rouse's king cake-hurry your little parade going butt over there and get a taste of heaven.

(2 different people have told me not only how magnificently beautiful Sucre's king cake is but also how delicious).

I've been bribing the LB to take naps lately. I usually tell him we can do "something fun" if he takes a good nigh nigh nap. That usually entails going to the park or if I am really lazy, playing with sidewalk chalk-wahoooo!-but today I told him he could have a piece of king cake.

"Pancake!" He said with glee. 'Okay!"

So he took a good nigh nigh nap and right before dozing off to sleep he screamed, "I have to take a good nigh nigh nap so I can have some pancake!"
He woke up saying the same thing in the past tense. He ate that king cake slowly and methodically. It was his supper but after all it is Mardi Gras for goodness sake.


Sara said...

I hate McKenzie's king cakes. I love plain with lots of icing. Sounds right up my alley. I'm heading there to try one.

renee culotta said...

Rouses is good, Sucre is great-- but my "homemade" kingcake was the best! Actually, I used a mix and doctored it up by adding pecans, and it is the best thing I have ever eaten. A big sugary, pecan sticky bun. Then I looked at the side of the box and saw that it was 350 calories per 1/18 (funny, because the cake is supposed to have 12 slices!). Yikes. But, I guess that is what Lent is for!