Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor ditches either Jillian, Molly and Melissa

I AM DYING to know WHY they are having to "protect the parties involved" during the Women Tell All Show next week on The Bachelor. They sure did a bang up job of reeling me in. I am thinking about it at least once and hour-not kidding.

This all on top of the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER! This time they weren't lyin'!
I could not believe that he ditched Jillian. and I think she was pretty darn shocked too, but I think any of them would have been shocked after they all got down with Jason in their respective Fantasy Sweets. I ask it every season and I'll ask it again...What are their dads thinking?

I think it's a toss up between Melissa and Molly. I like them both but kind of want it to be Melissa. I think Molly is a bit too reserved and sophisticated for him. I see Melissa gelling better with Master Ty. But you never know do you?

Oh- and Deanna has put on some poundage. Honey, you know you are going back on the air in front of millions of tv viewers-get yourself together. I think Uncle RaRa is right, though. I don't think she is going on the show to try and get him back. She's just going to give him some advice since she's been in his shoes before.

If I have any more observations that I failed to mention, I'll keep you posted.


Reality TV News Blog said...

My sources tell me that what the tease about "protecting the parties involved" meant isn't referring to the Women Tell All episode, but to the After the Final Rose episode, the first half of which has already been taped. The schedule is Women Tell All next Monday, Feb. 23, followed by the finale and the first of two After the Final Rose specials on Monday, Mar. 2. The first After the Final Rose episode involves something so stunning and dramatic that they taped it in private, without a live studio audience as is customarily done. Then, because of the unusual and compelling circumstances involved, they will tape and air a second After the Final Rose special on Tuesday, Mar. 3.

-e said...

okay, why are they dragging it all out? that totally bugs me. I too think it is a tease with Deanna showing up, she probably is just gving advice as you said. I am still so mad he dumped Jillian. He is a fool! However, Melissa is by far my second choice. Molly is a "winner" as her dad pointed out and I think that is more of what this is about. Bug!