Friday, February 06, 2009

Personality differences

Pman is a pistol. I think we should call him Pistol P. Now that he is fully walking I can't keep up. He's all over the place. We went to the park after school and he could not get away from me fast enough-breathing hard and running like if he ran fast enough if could reach the motherland.

It's so funny and of course, really interesting how their personalities are so different. W wouldn't leave our side when he was a baby. Well, he still doesn't. I remember going to Superior Grill with friends when he was a baby and he just wandered around the table completely satisfied. Our friends were floored that he didn't take off, as their little boy ran in the kitchen to see what was cookin' (remember this S?). So it's all just personality.

Pman is booking it up the stairs where we had to teach W HOW to go up the stairs. Same thing with a straw. I put a straw in Pman's mouth a few months back and he just started drinking. W didn't drink from a straw until he was 2! He is my sweet and steady child. He is certainly not fearless, whereas Pman cracks us at himself if he falls off a chair and bonks his head.

I just can't wait to see how their individual personalities will grow. How much will they be alike and in what ways will they be different?

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