Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Chef 5

Thank freakin' goodness! Leah FINALLY got kicked off. I thought the day would never come and I would have to watch her with her god awful hair keep cookin' her lazy ass dishes all the while wondering when the judges were going to pull one of her hairs out of their mouths. You know it happened.

Love love love Carla. Total underdog. and Fabio-he did look hot, C, when he won that challenge. I was freaking out thinking that Stefan was going to go home. and I would have been bummed. He deserves to win, I have to say it.

So down to NOLA they are headed. I can't wait to see what they do down here in our parts. Does anyone know when this was filmed. I was totally unaware that this all went down here. I would have loved to have been a party to the frenzy.


Anonymous said...

I heard they filmed at Commander's which makes sense being that Emeril is their host and that's were he rose to fame.....BAM, Fabio is hot!

-e said...

Yes, my top three are Carla (so funny), Fabio (so funny too) and Stephan (you are right he deserves it). And oooh, I had not thought about Leah's hair in the food, but you are so right! I too was wanting her to go. I wanted her to go when Jeff went. I liked Jeff. How about Fabio's comment that this is Top Chef not Top P_ _ _ _! And I had loved it when he was the ONLY one who called Jamie on always making scallops. I was getting so bugged and finally Fabio said this is Top Chef not Top Scallop! Man I wish you could have been there for judging. YOu would be perfect!!!!

renee culotta said...

I am with you-- Leah, ugh. She had that long, dreary, bad posture, worn out look-- she always seemed to be whining. She wasnt motivated and didnt even want to win. Good riddance.

Carla, on the other hand, what a spitfire! LOVE HER (I am singing that, the way she sing-songs things-- so dramatic). I dont know that her cooking is quite up to par with Fabio and Stefan, but she is a dynamite.

I know they filmed at NOMA, I think for the Krewe of Orpheous (or at least Sonny Borey, who is the Captain and runs Le Petit, was involved in it). Some of the contestants that were kicked off were seen dining around town too.