Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Long Lost Wednesday Wine Downs

It's been forever since I did a Wednesday Wine Down. I could probably change it to Whine Down because where before it was a way for me to relax while W played, now it's a way for me to tune out all of the whining that goes on around here after 5.

So...I am going to continue this tradition at least until Lent at which point I will cut back on my Wining and hopefully the boys will cut back on their whining. I am loving the puns!

Anyway, due to my rosacea I have switched over to white wine. Not completely but during the week I have. and when you drink as much wine as I do you kind of need to keep it within a budget. The past few nights I have been drinking Little Penguin. My brother winces when I drink it but I do love the LP. I have never had the white before but I must say that I am pleased. If you are not a chardonnay drinker than you obviously won't like the Chardonnay but you won't like the Pinot Grigio either. It takes just like the Chardonnay. But if you are in the mood for a buttery wine pick up a bottle of the LP and try it on for size. If you are a wine snob you won't like it but if you want a cheap good ole drinkin' wine it will do the trick. It works for me just fine.

So cheers to the wining and the whining!

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