Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Babies and Rhythm

According to a study babies have an adult like understanding of rhythm. I totally believe it and if you could see Pman dance you would too. He has danced on his own since he was a baby and with a rhythm that you wouldn't believe. Now, we do an awful lot of dances around here. Always have, when we bought this house we did a "New House Dance". Every time I run a little bit farther than the last time, when I get home we do a "3 and a half mile dance" or whatever the mileage, you get the picture. I need to start using the video camera more just so I can have proof that my babies do have rhythm. Up until now I wasn't so sure where they got it from, because J certainly doesn't have it. Now I know, they are born with it. I just think you either keep it or lose it into adulthood. and I will say it again, J lost his. Ha! (He has a host of other skills that I love him for).

They say you can hone your baby's rhythmic ability by reading rhyming books or clapping along to music. So get crackin'.

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