Monday, February 09, 2009

The three p's

I feel like all I say these days is please poo poo on the potty, W. Quite an alliteration but it is finally taking it's toll. I won't dare write about the mishap the Little Buddy had today at school. Not only would J kill me but it's bad enough that even I feel guilty writing about it. I have written many posts that will completely embarrass the boys if and when they read this blog in their teens but today's story might just put them over the edge.

Point being is that we may have to go back to Pull Ups at school. He is showing no interest in poo pooing on the potty and certainly doesn't seem to mind when he goes in his underwear. I am finding it awfully disgusting cleaning up after these accidents. I've tried to find his currency. MacDonalds' french fries, toys, chocolates, M&M's-nothing is doing the trick. He stays dry dry dry all day long but with #2 there is an underlying issue. There has got to be.

I know they say don't go back to Pull Ups and they also say never start using the Pullups because they know they can go to the bathroom in them and still have a little protection but Pullup or underwear, W doesn't care. He's going #2 in them no matter. So if anyone once again wants to share some insight to this little problem I would be most appreciative because the 3 P's are just not doing the trick.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that he is on his own schedule. Jack's teacher would tell me the same thing. When he gets it, he will get it. And there will be no going back. Jack never wore Pull Ups, so I can't give you any advice about that. I would just buy some extra underwear and throw out the yucky ones because it's not worth the effort to clean them. I know that's wasteful, but it will save your sanity. I threw away lots of Jack's underwear and have done the same with some of Jane's. Some of them were so gross there was no way I would even try to clean them. Whatever you do, don't wash them with anything else. You don't want to contaminate your clothes! I hope this is helpful. I know it is frustrating, but he will get it. And if he senses your anxiety, it will only take longer. Remember, he is only 3. And he is precious! See you at the reunion!

NolaMom said...

I needed to hear it. I get so overwrought that it's good to get a reminder to just be patient.

Julie Vaicius said...

Potty training is the worst! Lucy refused to go at school until last fall when something 'clicked' and it had nothing to do with any of my efforts/threats/bribes - just a total power-play on her part. She held it all day long and by the time I picked her up she would be in tears asking me to 'get home as fast as I could' - nightmare!
I agree with the above comment though - a trick that did work was to just throw out underwear instead of trying to clean it - she was sad to watch me throw her princess underwear in the trash and it gave her a little extra motivation - wasteful, I know but much easier on me. Good luck - the best advice I got was to stop obsessing about it - that's when things improved.

renee culotta said...

Ok--my curiousity is piqued. I need details! I have thrown out so many underwear, and I dont have one moment's remorse or guilt over being wasteful. I have even had to resort to wearing plastic gloves to extricate the mess from Joseph. Gross. In any event, I KNOW it will happen . . . eventually! We just need to stay the course.