Friday, September 08, 2006

I've been remiss

in writing the past few days. I had an awesome post last night but I lost it and now I don't have the energy to recreate. Well, I'll try. I read a blog about Bugaboo strollers. about how they are far superior to all others. I don't agree. The said that although they are $700 they hold up so well that when you are done using it you can sell it on ebay for $500. Yeah, right! Not that it's not true, just who in the hell is going to all that trouble. Maybe you will. I would have great intentions but would never get around to it. My Graco metrolite works wonderfully well. We evacuated with it, and we still travel with it. Now, maybe if you are a new yorker you need something heavy duty and chic and expensive but the only place I use is when we are travelling or going to the mall (don't go to the mall very much because it makes me anxious just thinking about it). When we evacuated for the final time to Baton Rouge it did come in handy when I was parking in the big Whole Foods parking lot and wanted to stroll around the fancy strip mall (it's sad but it was often the highlight of my day!) But in New Orleans, unless you don't have a car, you are out of your car into a shop or a grocery store or whatever, no need for a stroller. and the streets are too bad to stroll around with a non-jog stroller anyway. I do use it at the zoo and it's perfect. Lots of storage space, cup holders too. My only beef is the canopy could be fuller because depending on the time of day the sun gets in W's eyes.

Opinions, please. That's mine.


Char said...

I couldnt agree more about my Graco MetroLite - my baby girl K and I love it - it is perfect for our needs too!!! We are still in the infant car seat bc she is only 6 months but I know we are going to use it - who needs all the fancy stuff when the less expensive is just as good - I would prefer to save that money and take my sweet baby girl when she is 18 on a trip to Venice like my mom did or buy her a nice car when she is 16 - just my opinion

MotherOfG said...

I like some of the features of the monster priced strollers...did not look too hard at the Bugaboo, but I did get a "fancy" one with a name no one would recognize. It is important to me for some reason to get the thing with all the features I want. I know we will not have it long, but...
I do refuse to pay huge $ for a stroller...go to discount websites for that kind of thing. I think mine was and I got the previous year's model on clearance. And I have to say I love it- it's perfect for my needs. And I would be embarrased if anyone knew what it cost. When I get expensive baby gear I like to go incognito.