Wednesday, September 13, 2006


There was an article about this book in the paper today and it also has a corresponding website. It's a bit corny, the name but it makes sense. It's about having fun and enjoying your kids. The author in a nutshell thinks moms today are too paranoid and overprotective about everything. I agree with her to a point and strongly agree that kids are fun and you should enjoy them while you can. Check it out

Someone asked me to post restaurants that had highchairs. She had gone to Juan's Flying Burrito with another couple and baby and they only had one-and it was broken. Unacceptable I tell ya. It's the same thing at P.J.'s on Tchop. One highchair, 20 moms fighting over it. How much can they cost? and they are stackable so they take up hardly any room. Can you hear me P.J.'s and Juan's Flying Burriot? THEY TAKE UP HARDLY ANY ROOM! and I will give you the $30 bucks they probably cost if I haven't already made up for it in my coffee purchases. A lady yesterday shanghai'd the chair from me because W was sitting on my lap and then her baby wouldn't even sit in it. So, my friend, yes, I will gladly check out some dining establishments and post the ones that have highchairs. Stay tuned.

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