Sunday, September 17, 2006

We went to the playground Friday afternoon. He still does not like the swings. It makes me sad because it's such a simple pleasure and I hate that he is missing out on it. So while his friend swang, swung, swinged? we played on the platform of the slide. He was perfectly content and could have stayed there forever with his newly found leaf. We went to Superior for dinner, again. I went ahead of everyone to get a table. I was like 6th in line to put my name in and atleast an hour wait and we got a table!!!! I swear it's because I'm a regular. It was awesome. So within 5 minutes I was sitting at a table, giving W Nilla Wafers and drinking a top shelp margarita.

Dad's at work today so it's just the two of us. He's been walking like a fiend. It's so fun. It's been a long time coming. People say they take a step and off they go-not for us. He's been cruising since 6 months and taking free steps since July. I just can't believe it though. The table he used to stand under is now at his chin. His feet are big, too big and his thumb fingernail is gargantuan. For some reason his fingernails are always how I notice how big he is getting. They were so itty bitty when he was born.

We found the pictures when we evacuated. I thought they had been lost forever. Oh my gosh. I cannot believe he was ever that small and I was actually pretty skinny for having a baby 10 days earlier, skinnier than I am now not to mention the fact that I was smiling like there was no tomorrow, and like hurricanes didn't exist. Crazy.

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