Monday, September 18, 2006


Why I continue to go to the same coffee house everyday and subject myself to the rantings of people in a bad mood? I do not know.

Today, we got our coffee and sat outside because no one else was out there and it was a relatively cool, breezy morning. W was just enjoying the people watching and the man down the way was hosing down the storefronts. He was mesmerized by the hose. Then a few minutes later, the same hose spraying man said,

"Get out of the way."
Me, "Excuse me?"
"Get out of the way, I need to spray there."
Me, silence. I was stunned not only that he told a paying customer to get out of the way but with his tone of voice.
"Get out of the way."
Me, "I'm enjoying my coffee. We'll leave in a few minutes."
"Okay." Then he slowly started spraying closer and closer. If I hadn't left we would now be sopping wet.

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