Tuesday, July 03, 2007


There have been grumblings in the city and beyond about my lack of posting. I've been napping when the LB is napping so that limits my blogging and at night I'm tired and all I want to do is sit. Oh and he was sick last week, or was it the week before?, which leads me to a few grumblings of my own.

The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital is not clean. When the LB was smaller I was more germ conscious so I stopped taking him there b/c he got sick every time we went. Now that he's older I am a little less neurotic about it. Even though I still don't want him to get sick I know there is only so much I can do about it and it will if anything build up his immunity. But let me just get this off of my chest. I feel the need to say this again since the staff at the Parenting Center obviously isn't going to say it. It probably won't do any good either because I doubt the guilty parties are reading.

The Parenting Center is not a daycare. It's a place where parents can go and obtain resources about parentin and can hang out with other moms while there children play in a child proof environment. Yes there are times when your child may be sick or have a virus but does not yet show symptoms of these infections. But when you knowingly bring your child to this place that is supposed to be a fun and healthy environment, you are acting irresponsibly and selfishly.

W caught an awful stomach bug a few weeks back. I am pretty sure he got it there, I can't be 100 percent positive but I overhead a mom saying how her toddler was barely over the stomach bug as she turned him over and checked his diaper for diarrhea. Gross. Low and behold a few days later W threw up all over the car and me and himself on the way home from the Parenting Center. It was a fun few days.

There's a group of mom's who go every Tuesday. Today they brought not only the younger kids but older ones who were out of school for the fourth. I'm sorry that you're bored and don't want to stay home but the maximum age is 4. The Center is for toddlers. I don't want to have to watch out for your older kid railroading my toddler. and on top of it, one of them had a hacking cough. We brought it to the attention of the staff on the way out who got defensive and said that it was probably just allergies. Sorry, when you're congested and basically coughing up loogies, it's not an allergy.

So please, if you or your child is
a. over 4
b. sick with a cold or stomach flu, has lice or is sick with anything else that is contagious


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