Monday, January 05, 2009

Done, Done and Done

We have the new co mputer up and running and today the tech guy is coming to transfer my stuff from my hard drive. I CANNOT wait. I don't have email contacts, photos or anything actually on this computer.

W is back at school. Hooray! and I could not be happier. He was pretty excited to get back too. He has his new pullups on and let me say that we have gotten nothing accomplished this past week as far as potty training is concerned. He loves to "pee pee on the potty" and "watch pee pee come out of his tallywacker" although no pee pee actually comes out until he is off of the potty with his pullups pulled up again. Extremely frustrating over here in Nolamom land. J doesn't like the thought of him soiling himself, as he so angrily puts it, but I feel like it is the only way. I got really aggravated yesterday and tried to put him in underwear and he cried and screamed-it was really quite pitiful. What do I do?!? I am done. I thought I wouldn't care, like W, and could let him stay in his poopy diapers for 5 more years but I am truly done.

I will keep you posted on our progress, what little there is, in between our 10 minute long trips to the potty.

Happy Monday!

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