Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am trying, hard at this running thing. I ran 3 and 1/2 miles this weekend and you would have thought I had just finished the Boston Marathon. I finished my run with my arms up in the air (like I had just run through the ribbon) and a huge smile on my face. I know people thought I was a loon. The was damn proud of myself. I can only imagine what my freinds who have finished a marathon feel like when that is over. Go Rowanne! who actually qualified for the Boston Marathon. Is that crazy or what?!

I took Pman yesterday for a run. It's been forever since I have run with him in the double stroller. My legs felt like lead. Has he really gotten that big. When you think about it, I am pushing about 50 pounds, no wonder it took me 20 minutes to run less than 2 miles. So I am trying to get my running in sans kids and that's hard which is why I like to go before they wake up.

Anyway, my mom doesn't like the idea of me running early in the morning so she tries to come up with every possible reason why I shouldn't.
Mom:"You can't run alone. Come over here and get on the treadmill."
Me:"I'm running with a friend."
Mom:"That's too early"
Me:It's the only time we can do it.
Mom:"You CAN'T go tomorrow. It's going to be subfreezing."

That last one almost got me but I knew that wouldn't bother, L, the friend I have been running with and I didn't want to seem wimpy so I sucked it up.
And I have to say it wasn't that bad. I wore J's hat and brought socks for my hands and we ran. and she kicked my ass! I laid in bed when I got back and I was still breathing heavily. But there is nothing like an early, cold ass morning to get you jump started. and I was right. I don't think she even thought twice about going. She did think twice about her plants freezing their butts off so she covered them with sheets. She wasn't as worried about us. So thanks, L, for being strong willed and not giving me the option to bail.

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