Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friend of the week

It's 7:45 am on Sunday and it's dark and rainy. Seems like we are stuck in the house for awhile. Well, truth be known, we'd be in the house anyway but it gives me a good excuse to be lazy on a Sunday morning. W is 'friend of the week' so we have a stuffed animal friend that we are taking care of. We are supposed to take him with us when we do all the fun things that we do over the weekend. The problem is that we, well, we're just not that much fun. We haven't done much all weekend except go out to dinner and lunch, take naps and hang around the house. I mean, it's so frickin' cold! who wants to do anything? So my question is this, do I make up something for the 'friend of the week' journal? Like say we spent all day downtown, going to the Insectarium, the Imax and rode the streetcar there and back. Oh and then we woke the kids up early from their nap because we just couldn't wait a second longer for them to wake up and walked over to the Creole Creamery for some ice cream where we got in an ice cream fight and laughed and giggled all afternoon. Do you think the teachers would see straight through that? Maybe.

The good thing is that Mimi insists on taking W to church and Sunday school. She thinks by not going to church every weekend we are leaving the door open for Satan to enter his life. So that should be a good photo op for the 'friend of the week' journal. and tomorrow since they have a holiday Mimi and friend are taking grandchildren on an adventure in the morning. What a fun Mimi! That's what Mimis are for. They should send the 'friend of the week' journal home to the grandparents because, correct me if you are, but parents are just not that fun. Although Mimi swears they were taking us here and there and everywhere when we were kids.

Now I'm really feeling guilty for being a lazy mom. Maybe if it's pretty out we'll get in the stroller and go for a coffee and a cookie......................Whew, still raining.

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