Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! It's a little less happier than it was 15 minutes ago when I opened our new laptop. It was ruby red. Not what we wanted so I had to box it back up and get on J's computer for this blogging session.

I have some good New Year's Resolutions. and I am quite excited about them. Let me share...

1. Potty Training W-I am feeling pretty good about this right now. We are off to a slow start but it is all about baby steps, right? He is in pull ups because we have so much to do this weekend and I don't think he is quite getting the fact that you don't pee in the pull up. He thinks it's a swim diaper. The good news is is that he actually sat on a big boy potty at a restaurant yesterday. He was scared but pushed his way through. Of course no pee pee actually came out of his tallywacker-as he would say-but it's a start.

2. Master P, W, J and I all eat the same food for supper. Not sure how this resolution will pan out. I probably will throw this out the window on Monday when I am tired and not willing to deal with a tantrum over food. But it's a resolution nonetheless.

3. To become a hot mom. I know. I've tried to attain this status since Pman was born but I finally have a good mindset. I WILL BECOME A HOT MOM. and a subset of this resolution is to run the Crescent City Classic. I mean, come on, I can do this. It's silly to think that I can't. It will be a challenge but I have to do this for myself.

4. Meditate daily. Do you think I am crazy? I probably am but this is something else I need to do for myself. I need to calm my mind and as a result I will be a better, more patient mom, a sweeter wife, a much deeper sleeper and in general a less anxious person.

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Sara said...

I'm running the CCC too. I did it last year and felt awesome about myself. Start training now and you will be fine. Do you run regularly?