Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Potty training Post #101

I thought we had it down. Or rather, that W had it down, this potty training thing. He was peeing in the potty. We were still working on the poopy BUT we were definitely on the road to success. This was all until I sent him to school in Big Boy Underwear (BBU)on Monday.

Monday: He did great! Stayed dry and even pooped in the potty. McD's fry fries for W!
Tuesday: Not so great. an accident at school and 2 more at home. Ugh!
Wednesday: Fine at school but pooped in his underwear at home. He didn't want to wear the BBU. He told me so but I insisted. He showed me.

Is this normal? Do they usually do this, regress and all? I just don't know what to do.

On the Pman front:
He hasn't been eating for awhile now. Just 'crackas' all day every day. It was the teething coupled with his cold. Until yesterday. He seems to be back on my bandwagon, the food is everything to me bandwagon. (except he won't eat bananas anymore).

So tonight I was tired and was 2nd guessing how good it can be for him to eat eggs every night for a week. I gave him the Kraft Easy Macthat I had picked up on a whim at the grocery with peas mixed in. Let me just say that I never even tasted boxed Mac and Cheese until my senior year of hig hschool. I went across the street and borrowed a box from Mrs. Jackson. Stuff like So I had to get it from a neighbor. She would KILL me if she knew that I fed this to Pman. he licked the cup clean. 660mg of sodium. I feel like it's child abuse. But he liked it.


-e said...

yes, my boys all "regressed". hang in there! : )

Nola said...

I fear the time when I need to potty train Sun :( Hang in!

NolaMom said...

It is both completely miserable and totally rewarding at the same time. It may be easier with Sun. They say boys are harder.