Friday, January 09, 2009

My CCC training is going well and I am really proud of myself considering that running doesn't come easy to me. I'm at 2.6 miles. I am trying hard to use running as my kind of meditation time-you know, kind of focus on the zen of it all, use a mantra and all of that hooey. Since I am not a meditator either it's a challenge but when I can get into that mode and let my mind go instead of think, I run much better.

This meditation stuff has consumed me since I started reading Eat, Pray, Love. In the midst of a big fight my mom and I were having while planning my wedding she told me I needed to meditate. I know I would benefit greatly from it because although sometimes, key word, sometimes, I can come across as laid back I am really a high strung, high anxiety individual. So this book has kind of introduced me to the world of meditation and finding your inner self through meditation. It's interesting. I can only really meditate for 6 minutes at a time. Pitiful I know which is why I thought maybe I could do it while running. In addition, I was diagnosed with rosacea, which is a facial skin disorder. Most people, J included, associate drunk red faced people with rosacea. I can't say I am far from that description. Ha! Stress is one of the things that aggravates it, not to mention red wine but I can only work on eliminating one cause at a time.

So in the New Year I am running and meditating and hoping that this all sticks to make for a better, less anxious mom.

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