Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Growing up.

Pman is growing up. I walked into the den this morning and he was making a tall tower with blocks. He talks nonstop and says more words than I ever expected him to say at this age. He completely follows instructions and says, "No! No!" to himself with a shake of his finger when he knows he's done something bad. With all of these fun things comes the bad....he's giving up one of his two naps which is taking it's toll on my blogging until I can figure out where it will fit in our new schedule.

So since we have finally gotten our camera software on our new computer I wanted to post a recent photo of Master P on the slide out back. It's his typical pose for the camera that he always gives. I just wish you could hear the sound effects, "aaaahhhh!" he always says in place of cheese.

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