Friday, January 09, 2009

New Year's Resolution #5

You have got to stop saying, "Shit!"

Kind of put off-ing way to start a conversation. Not just because of the lack of salutation but because that is a lot to ask, don't ya think?

My mom told me that when she called me yesterday. Supposedly W was outside with Papa the other day and Papa dropped his drill bit (don't get any ideas that Papa is handy, he's not although he tries hard, so I am not sure why he even has a drill bit) so Papa says to W:

W, gosh darn it! I dropped my drill bit.

To which W replied, "Oh, Shit!"

So I want to add this to my official list of NY's resolutions. I will stop cursing...around my children. But let me just say that the word is so expressive. Does "gosh darn it" really do it for you? I feel so satisfied after I use this expletive but I guess I will have to find my satisfaction elsewhere in 2009, because I would hate for W to come out with that when a kid drops a toy at school.

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-e said...

I am sorry, but that is FUNNY!