Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Upperline Restaurant

Did I tell y'all we went to Upperline on Saturday night? I have bad memories of Upperline. One being the smell of rotten fish coming out of the kitchen straight to our table. I could smell it from a mile away. I have only been back once since that time. Pman was probably a week old and J and I met RaRa and JoJo for after dinner drinks. J has been trying to drag me over there since we first started dating. He didn't understand why it wasn't "my restaurant" because I lived 2 blocks away. He never succeeded. I unselfishly tried to make reservations for J's bday but it was Monday and they were closed. Whew! Close call.

And then J got to pick where we went to dinner on Saturday. He picked...you guessed it....the rotten fish place.

So I begrudgingly went. and I have to say my meal was actually really delicious. I had some crispy fried oysters with a celeriac remoulade to start and the most perfectly cooked grilled drum over their version of Salad Nicoise. Mmmm, my mouth is watering.

My only beef is that we sat in that little room right off of the hallway at a sideways turned table BUT even worse than that the waiter ended his speil about the nightly specials with there are no substitutions or additions. I think that is a sign of a cocky chef who is way more into himself than he is into his customers.

Ironically, J didn't enjoy his dinner and doesn't want to go back!

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