Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl food

Top Chef 5 had a Super Bowl challenge last night. I was on pins and needles worried that Stefan or Fabio would go home-2 of my favorites. But alas, it was Jeff, and it was time he left. Speaking of the Super Bowl we have set the menu for the night. Way in advance for us, I might add and I am quite excited. I remember all of the Super Bowl's J and I have spent together, not for the football but for the food. Isn't that what it's all about?

Superbowl #1 was on Bacchus night (big ass Mardi Gras Super parade for those who aren't from around here) and I was pregnant. All I remember is the Popeye's fried chicken and biscuits and my sad little O'Doul's.

Superbowl #2 J made chili. Right?

Superbowl #3 we had must moved into this house and had Uncle Bob and Aunt Liz and Trisha over. I made several big hot sandwiches and J made chicken wings. None of it was very good. I think we were overwhelmed. But Uncle Bob made his 7 layer dip. I think he made this for the Super Bowl. If not, he made it at some point and brought it over here and it was deep, spicy and delicious.

So what's in store for Super Bowl #4, you ask? I know you are on pins and needles!

I was going through the unusually large stack of catalogs that we get in the mail everyday. When I came across the William Sonoma one, I realized there were a ton of delicious recipes. One being fried bocconcini. Oh my, my mouth started to water and I couldn't pass it up. I don't think I have ever fried anything in this house. My mom instilled a strange phobia of frying due to the stench that sticks to everything. Well, Martha, I am facing my fear in its face and going to fry up some mozzarella balls. and I am damn excited!

I wanted to make short ribs but I will be gone for a celebration in the afternoon and won't have the time to do that. So J's in charge. He said he has been dying to make Pasta Bolognese but thought that didn't classify as Super Bowl fare. Hot noodles and ground meat. I begged to differ. So that's it folks. Let me know what you are cooking. We might just put it on the menu for Super Bowl #5!

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-e said...

I was sad Jeff left. I too was on pins and needles, b/c Stephan, Fabio and Jeff were my three favorites. (I also like goofy Carla being from the south and all). I think it was totally time for Leah to go. She is in soooo much trouble with her boyfriend!

(I think I told you I ate at Craft, Tom Callichio's restaurant in Atlanta, right? yuuuuummmmy short ribs!)