Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Potty Training Post #, I don't know 100!

This potty training thing is consuming our lives. The amount of pride I feel for the LB and his progress on the toilet is indescribable and you would think that it were me who was experiencing this life milestone.

No poo poo. He's scared. I think. But he's smart enough to ask for a diaper or say that he wants to go night night (because we will put him in a diaper) before he does any of that hoo-rah. Well, he's just plain smart. One day he just up and decided, "I will pee pee in the potty" and he did and never looked back. It's too darn crazy.

Tomorrow we are trying for the Big Boy Underwear (BBU) for school. I can't promise he won't freak. He had previous issues with them, but I have faith that he will be receptive to them. I mean, who wouldn't be? Just hanging out, free and all of that?

Enough about W's peeing habits. He will probably kill me when he reads this 10 years from now. I am still working on my photographic software for this new computer. Hopefully, I will have it up and running by the weekend.

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